Attendance and Punctuality Policy

Perry Court E-ACT Academy - Attendance and Punctuality Policy

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Education (National Attendance Lead)


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Date Approved

July 2016

Review Date

July 2018


This policy will require significant amendment and input for each individual E-ACT academy, however the framework of the policy should not be deviated from. The Head Teacher is responsible for ensuring that all academy specific information is completed.


1.     Introduction

1.1.  Attending school on a regular basis and being punctual is crucial for success. The best place for your child/children to be is in the Academy learning; any absence results in lost learning time.


1.2.  Missing days of learning in succession (or over a period of time) makes catching-up more of a challenge for the pupil, and often they can find themselves falling behind.


Attendance during one school year

equals this number of days absent

which is approximately this many weeks absent


19 days

4 weeks


38 days

8 weeks


57 days

11.5 weeks



1.3.  Absence from school, whether authorised (valid reason) or unauthorised (no valid reason) affects an individual’s ability to form positive peer and adult relationships and develop social skills. The habits of regular and punctual attendance are important in their own right: they enable individuals to participate in social organisations and shared arrangements, to take on commitments, and to contribute at work as well as at school.

1.4.  Regular attendance at the Academy is also a legal requirement.


2.     Promoting attendance and avoiding absence from school

The purposes underpinning the Academy’s attendance policy are to:

2.1.  encourage 100% attendance and punctuality;

2.2.  ensure that all those associated with the Academy understand the expectations in relation to attendance and punctuality;

2.3.  produce regular information about class and individual attendance and punctuality which will enable the Academy to monitor trends and patterns so that appropriate measures can be taken to improve attendance and punctuality and thus academic performance.

3.     Expectations


We expect that our pupils will:


3.1.  regularly attend the Academy according to the published session times - ensuring they arrive at the Academy in time to be registered at the beginning of the morning 9.00am

3.2.  if they arrive late to the Academy but before the end of the registration period, go to their classroom where their Teacher will record them as late. If they arrive after the end of the registration period they should go to the school office where they will be registered on SIMs by the Administrator;

4.     if absent for a valid reason, they must remind their parent(s)/carer(s) of their responsibility to inform the Academy on the first day of absence and to provide a written note explaining the absence upon their child’s return to the Academy. 



4.1.  We expect that our parents/carers will:


4.1.1.     uphold the Home-Academy Agreement to ensure regular attendance;

4.1.2.     ensure their child attends the Academy according to the published dates and session times, and that they are equipped for all lessons;

4.1.3.     If your child is unable to attend the Academy, you must contact the reception at the earliest opportunity to explain the reason why. When your child returns to the academy, provide a written explanation for the period of absence. If proof is not shown your child will be given an unauthorised absent mark on their attendance record;

4.1.4.     avoid any absence from school for routine medical appointments during term time.  Students having medical or dental appointments must bring an appointment card or note from their parents/carers, which should be authorised by the Head Teacher.  Where possible, every effort should be made to arrange appointments outside of core Academy hours, especially for ongoing treatment;

4.1.5.     not arrange holidays or leave of absence in term time.  If there is a need for a student to take time off during term time then the student’s parents/carers should complete and return the ‘Request for leave of absence’ form to the Head Teacher who will decide whether leave should be granted. The Academy will only grant leave during term time in exceptional circumstances, in line with statutory regulations. 

Note: Parents/carers who remove their child during term time without authorisation from the Head Teacher risk incurring a financial penalty.

4.2.  The Academy will:

4.2.1.send out a text message if your child is absent and we have not heard from you, asking that you please contact the academy to explain the absence.

4.2.2.accurately record the attendance and any absence of a student; through a system of registering students in teaching groups and regular spot checks, identify any post registration truancy - informing parents/carers immediately should that occur;

4.2.3.     respond to any absence for which no parental explanation has been received after two days of absence with a telephone call or a letter to the student’s home address informing parent(s)/carer(s) of the absence;

4.2.4.     in the case of known long term absence:  where appropriate, provide work for the student at home;  take action to achieve the successful reintegration of the student on their return.

5.     How will the Academy respond to attendance issues?

When problems of attendance arise the Academy will:  


5.1.  Write a letter to inform you of the unacceptably low levels of your child’s attendance, and explain that we are monitoring your child’s attendance and expect it to improve immediately.


5.2.  If your child’s attendance does not improve then you will be invited to meet with the Principal to discuss the support can be offered and what the next steps are in ensuring the attendance improves.


5.3.  If this is unsuccessful in addressing attendance issues, the Educational Welfare Officer and the Regional System Leader will ensure parent(s) / carer(s) are aware of the situation and their responsibilities.


5.4.  The Academy Attendance policy is in line with the E-ACT Attendance Strategy:


5.5.  All pupils with a good attendance are rewarded in line with the Academy Reward Policy.

5.6.  Attendance above 97% is expected by all our pupils

5.7.   There will be a response from the Academy for any pupil who has an attendance less than 97%. This will be to provide support through the Academy pastoral systems but may result in pursing legal channels if their attendance is 90% or below.


6.     Punctuality

6.1.  Punctual arrival at Academy registrations in the morning and afternoon, as well as to lessons, is important as this instils good working practices in students both inside and outside of the Academy.  It also portrays a serious approach to studying and making the greatest use of opportunities available to them.

6.2.  Pupils are expected to arrive at 8.50am to begin with a prompt start

6.3.  The following actions will be taken if a pupil is late:

6.3.1.     Class Teachers will be aware of latecomers and will inform the staff member who has lead responsibility for attendance.

6.3.2.     The staff member with lead responsibility for attendance will monitor and follow up absences, including appropriate support and sanctions

6.3.3.     EWO involvement will be triggered when support and sanctions have made no significant improvement

7.     References

7.1.  For staff, further guidance is available in the staff handbook in the section on teaching and learning and in the relevant sections of the Academy website. The procedures within the Academy are in line with the E-ACT Attendance Strategy.

7.2.  For parents/carers, further information is published in the Academy Home- Academy Contract and in the relevant sections of the Academy website.

7.3.  For students, guidance is printed in the Student Planner and in the relevant sections of the Academy website.

7.4.  Departmental advice on School Attendance, DfE, October 2014,